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You should never fail an art student

I started drawing again recently. Because drawing is awesome. I’ll upload it when I’ve finished but here’s my other stuff. Art became fun for me after school was over because getting a C for my AS levels annoyed me, and the subject was thereafter dropped. Point. How does an art teacher tell a student they don’t deserve an A when the artists up on the wall at places like the MoMA produce things like “Abstract Painting“?

We’re taught about tone, form, ‘seeing not just looking’, scale, subject, intention. We were taught things like sticking a pencil in the air in front of us to get the right angles which should then be brought down to the piece of paper in front of us. Draw and paint what you see. Stop imagining things you want to paint because it doesn’t look like that. People don’t have lines around their faces right…so how should you actually go about drawing a face?

The best students still got A’s though. But how can you define ‘best’ in the context of art? They got A’s because they produced amazing looking things for their bracket. Seriously though, don’t think that you can really.

Art should be about perception. I saw a cool image once that said:


Question. How does a student become a famous artist? How do they make it at MoMA or the guggenheim? Do they paint how they are told to paint and then produce odd things when they’ve made it? No idea. If Monet’s child drew scribbles why does Rob see baby scribbles and walk away while Bob see’s the stroke of a future artistic genius and offers squillions of Pounds for the paper?

Because art is bullshit.

Art should be whatever we want it to be and if we’re told we’re not meant to take art on further, then take a look around in your local modern art gallery or museum.

Isn’t it?

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  1. Nil
    May 17, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Amen brutha. I remember those pictures you drew back in the day and they were great. I agree with what you say also about how something cannot be defined and graded as a ‘good’ piece of art. I would actually say the only thing that can be graded is the art of a teacher’s bullshitting. Im not bitter at all about my A level grade though.

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