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Scribbles to self. My rules to help the human race bond more.

  1. Be excellent to each other #fcukyeah
  2. Listen more than you speak. Most people speak too much. Fewer speak when they have something interesting to say. Me? Well I can’t speak without my lawyer.
  3. You probably won’t get something you want in life unless you ask for it first #fact_jack
  4. Whatever happens, don’t forget to walk your dog and water the plants.
  5. Don’t panic.
  6. Smile whenever you enter a room.
  7. Trust everyone by default –  you forgive people who break that trust but don’t forget it.
  8. Do it for the story #worth_it
  9. Assume nothing. If you’re wrong you’re probably screwed.
  10. Be polite.
  11. Know a little bit about everything. Enough to have a conversation with someone about any topic
  12. Read interesting things that are outside of your comfort zone. About animal psychology or world capital cities.
  13. Ask people excellent riddles (know the answers but don’t tell them it until it really bugs them. Naturally you need to know awesome riddles….like the 3 switches one.
  14. It’s OK to disagree with people’s opinion’s but defend their right to have them.
  15. Be friends with your parents.
  16. Play the people watching game every day by yourself or with others because its fun.
  17. Expect nothing. Go with the flow.
  18. Dance like nobody’s watching. Dance in the rain.
  19. Under-promise and always try your best to over-deliver. People will remember it.
  20. Slow down. Let your mind wonder.


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